The Best Options to take off fake nails without nail polish remover

False nails ensure perfect nails. Removing them with an acetone – based remover is effective, but can dry out your natural nails. There are techniques of how to take off fake nails without nail polish remover.

Solvents without acetone

To last a long time, the false nails are firmly glued or modeled. It is therefore necessary to use a solvent adapted to the type of false nails laid to remove them without damaging the natural nail. A delicate technique!

You will find solvents based on ethyl acetate or methylacetate without acetone, effective, less drying, but quite harmful. Some contain lanolin or glycerin to rehydrate the nail. The powder (for liquid) based on polymers dissolves the hardening varnish of acrylic resins. But you have to use them carefully!

take off fake nails

Removal techniques without acetone

The file is a formidable tool for removing false nails because it is abrasive. The capsules, which require only a few glue points placed directly on the natural nail, are the easiest to remove. A soft file is enough to get fake nails off without acetone to remove the glue. Then take off slowly without pulling the nail from below!

More difficult to eliminate: acrylic gel and resin. Dip the nails for 15 to 20 minutes in an acetate remover. By protecting the fingertips with a fat body. If it is not dissolved, scrape the softened gel with a stick. Wash your hands thoroughly under warm water and after drying, carefully polish the surface of your nails. Take a break before resuming the installation of false nails and this is how you can get acrylic nails off without acetone!

Other methods for removing acrylic nails

Nail polish remover

Instead of soaking the nails in acetone, you can choose the available commercial products, most of which are acetone toilet products for removing varnish. This helps break down the glue that sticks to acrylic nails to stick to your natural nails. Soaking your nails in this solution will simply remove acrylic nails.

removal techniques without acetone


You can dip your fingertips into alcohol rather than acetone to remove acrylic nails. The whole process of removing acrylic nails is to remove artificial nails without acetone.

Dental floss with nail polish

Many women use floss in combination with nail polish remover to scrape off acrylic nails. However, this method is highly discouraged, as it can be quite painful and can also damage the surface of natural nails.

Hot water

Some people try soaking acrylic nails in hot water rather than to remove acrylic nails without polish remover. But this method is not effective and will not help in the easy removal of the paint layer of acrylic nails.