Best Options to Save the Eye Liner From Smudging

The worst surprise you can find in front of the mirror on the way to the office is to see that your eyeliner, the one you just applied perfectly minutes ago is already marked on the entire eyelid, at what time did it pass from one place to another and how to keep eyeliner from running?!

Everyone suffer from the ‘black Stain’, it is a headache because it forces you to be aware to prevent eyeliner from smudging, there are two reasons why this happens, one is the fault of the eyeliner and the other is the skin fat, so we give you some tips so that this does not happen again.

Do you already know how to outline your eyes according to their shape? So now you should know what tricks to put into practice to prevent it from running. The main reason why makeup is stained, not only the eyes, but the entire face, is that you have oily skin. Stop retouching every so often and follow these tips.

Perspiration, moisture, heat and oily skin can make you end the day with raccoon eyes. The eyeliner spots are one of the big problems that women have.

How to make the eyeliner not run?

  • -Wash your face very well before putting on makeup to remove grease and dirt. Use a neutral soap and plenty of warm water. Dry your skin perfectly with a towel.
  • -Apply a matifying cream to control the level of fat in your face. You can also use a special cleanser for oily skin.
  • -Use a beige concealer all over the eyelid, seal with dust and make up as usual. The concealer will prevent it from running since the makeup is in direct contact with the skin, therefore, with the grease you can produce. It works like a protective layer!

Corrector. Use a concealer to mattify the tone of the face with that of the eyelid to make eyeliner not smudge, so after applying it, seal it with translucent powder, with this you will be able to create a kind of protective layer.

eyeliner not run

Pre-base. It is first for eye makeup, there are in different presentations and brands, look for your pre-base for eye shadows and apply throughout the mobile eyelid, you will achieve a perfect eyelid free of spots for longer.

  • -It is recommended using waterproof eyeliner as they have better moisture resistance and you won’t have to be scared to keep eyeliner from smudging under eye.
  • -If you follow these simple tips you won’t have to worry about retouching your look several times. Without the spots on your face your makeup will look perfect and flawless.

Make makeup last you all day! Preventing makeup from running is just a matter of knowing certain tricks that will help you to look like you did since morning.