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2014 Pitmaster Rankings

2014 Pitmaster Rankings by Category


  1. Shady Crew BBQ
  2. Smokin’ Our Butts Off BBQ
  3. Meat Wagon BBQ
  4. The Grill Gurus
  5. Fresh Team
  6. Honey Bears BBQ Team
  7. Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
  8. We Rib U Long Time
  9. Crazy Dog BBQ
  10. Randy’s Southern Comfort BBQ
  11. City Boyz Grillers & Smokers
  12. IQue
  13. 3 Brothers BBQ
  14. Napkin Killers BBQ
  15. Smoke On!
  16. Lazy River Barbecue
  17. PJ’s Riggy Piggy BBQ
  18. Hel’s Kitchen
  19. II & III Generation Maddox Recipe
  20. Two Bills BBQ
  21. Big D’s BBQ
  22. Devil’s Delight
  23. Taine’s BBQ Crew
  24. B Qubed
  25. Fahrenheit225 Barbeque
  26. This Family’s Smokin’
  27. Larry’s Backyard BBQ
  28. Doc’s BBQ
  29. It’s Butta Baby! BBQ
  30. Little Lukes
  31. Bearded Pigs BBQ
  32. Big Belly BeerBQue
  33. Fat Boy’zz BBQ
  34. Burnt Side Down
  35. Herm’s Hogs
  36. B’s Que
  37. Central Jersey BBQ
  38. Ribs for Her Pleasure
  39. Brisket Burners
  40. Grills Gone Wild
  41. BBQ Beer Buddies
  42. Secret Sauce
  43. Philly Blind Pig BBQ
  44. Easy Pickens BBQ

Chef’s Choice

  1. BBQ Beer Buddies  (stuffed mushrooms)
  2. We Rib U Long Time (lemon cheesecake)
  3. Lazy River Barbecue (smoke roasted pecan brownie)
  4. It’s Butta Baby! BBQ (salmon with chipotle sauce)
  5. Meat Wagon BBQ (mini cheesecake)
  6. Doc’s BBQ (beans)
  7. Philly Blind Pig BBQ (cheesecake)
  8. Little Lukes (prosciutto wrapped shrimp)
  9. Herm’s Hogs (crab and lobster cake with corn relish)
  10. The Grill Gurus (smoked oysters)
  11. Fat Boy’zz BBQ (lamb gyro slider)
  12. 3 Brothers BBQ (grilled pound cake)
  13. Shady Crew BBQ (s’mores)
  14. Two Bills BBQ (brisket)
  15. Big D’s BBQ (brisket)
  16. This Family’s Smokin’ (surf and turf po boy)
  17. Ribs for Her Pleasure (Italian style burger)
  18. PJ’s Riggy Piggy BBQ (grilled cheese with braised short rib and pickled onion)
  19. Bearded Pigs BBQ (jalapeno poppers)
  20. Burnt Side Down (shrimp tacos)
  21. Easy Pickens BBQ (grilled plantains)
  22. B’s Que (beef wellington)
  23. Taine’s BBQ Crew (BBQ spaghetti)
  24. Big Belly BeerBQue (mac ‘n cheese with pancetta)
  25. Hel’s Kitchen (lamb slider)
  26. IQue (pulled pork)
  27. Fresh Team (Texas Tommy on grilled sourdough)
  28. Napkin Killers BBQ (pichana)
  29. Smokin’ Our Butts Off BBQ (bread pudding)
  30. Randy’s Southern Comfort BBQ (bruschetta with smoked peppers)
  31. Crazy Dog BBQ (salmon noodle cup)
  32. Grills Gone Wild (beef tri tips)
  33. Brisket Burners (grilled ribeye with molasses mustard glaze)
  34. Central Jersey BBQ (jumbo shrimp with crab stuffing)
  35. Larry’s Backyard BBQ (sweet crispy spring roll)
  36. City Boyz Grillers & Smokers (bacon wrapped pork loin)
  37. Honey Bears BBQ Team (dessert)
  38. Smoke On! (smoked mac’n cheese)
  39. Fahrenheit225 Barbeque (stuffed meatballs)
  40. Devil’s Delight (ham and cheese pretzel bites)
  41. Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame (bacon cheesecake)
  42. B Qubed (pizza)
  43. II & III Generation Maddox Recipe (carne asada steak tacos)
  44. Secret Sauce (kielbasa)


  1. Little Lukes
  2. El Vez
  3. Fahrenheit225 Barbeque
  4. The Grill Gurus
  5. Big Belly BeerBQue
  6. Taine’s BBQ Crew
  7. B’s Que
  8. Smoke On!
  9. Secret Sauce
  10. Bearded Pigs BBQ
  11. Randy’s Southern Comfort BBQ
  12. Ribs for Her Pleasure
  13. This Family’s Smokin’
  14. Brisket Burners
  15. We Rib U Long Time
  16. Lazy River Barbecue
  17. Smokin’ Our Butts Off BBQ
  18. Hel’s Kitchen
  19. B Qubed
  20. PJ’s Riggy Piggy BBQ
  21. Larry’s Backyard BBQ
  22. IQue
  23. BBQ Beer Buddies
  24. Napkin Killers BBQ
  25. Big D’s BBQ
  26. Easy Pickens BBQ
  27. Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
  28. Shady Crew BBQ
  29. Two Bills BBQ
  30. Honey Bears BBQ Team
  31. Meat Wagon BBQ
  32. Philly Blind Pig BBQ
  33. Devil’s Delight
  34. Burnt Side Down
  35. 3 Brothers BBQ
  36. Doc’s BBQ
  37. Fat Boy’zz BBQ
  38. It’s Butta Baby! BBQ
  39. II & III Generation Maddox Recipe
  40. Herm’s Hogs
  41. Crazy Dog BBQ
  42. Central Jersey BBQ
  43. Fresh Team
  44. Grills Gone Wild
  45. City Boyz Grillers & Smokers


Announcing our 2014 Winners!

The competition was hot at the 2014 Stephen Starr-Garry Maddox Barbecue Challenge as an all-star team of judges including Phillies alumni Gary Matthews, Marlon Anderson, and Bob Boone, radio personality Chris Stigall (Talk Radio 1210 WPHT), and a great line-up of Philadelphia area restaurateurs and chefs including David Boyle (Chops), Derek Davis (Derek’s), Nathan Lingle (Ritz Carlton Philadelphia), Tony Luke, Jr. (Tony Luke’s), Barbie Marshall (Season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen), Kris Serviss (The Blue Duck Sandwich Company), Justin Swain (Rex 1516), Verna Swerdlow (Vernalicious), Ben Thomas (Restaurant Cerise), Evan Turney (Mercato, Varga Bar), Susan VanVreede (Distrito), and Brian Wilson (Samuels and Son Seafood) tasted their way through 65 contestants’ succulent submissions on August 9 at Citizens Bank Park.

When the smoke cleared, the following teams came out on top:

Chicken Competition                                                                                  

1st place:            Shady Crew BBQ (Maple Shade, NJ)
2nd place:          Smokin’ Our Butts Off BBQ (Germansville, PA)
3rd place:           Meat Wagon BBQ (Hatfield, PA)
4th place:           The Grill Gurus (Upper Darby, PA)
Honorable mentions:     Honey Bears BBQ Team (Philadelphia, PA) &  Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame (Philadelphia, PA and Audubon, PA)

Chef’s Choice Competition

1st place:            BBQ Beer Buddies (Somerdale, NJ) with stuffed mushrooms
2nd place:          We Rib U Long Time (Perkasie, PA) with lemon cheesecake
3rd place:           Lazy River Barbecue (Franklinville, NJ) with bacon pecan brownies
4th place:            It’s Butta Baby! BBQ (Philadelphia, PA) with salmon and chipotle sauce
Honorable mentions:     Meat Wagon BBQ (Hatfield, PA) with mini cheesecakes & Doc’s BBQ (Brookhaven, PA) with beans

Rib Competition

1st place:            Little Luke’s (Lumberton, NJ)
2nd place:           El Vez (Philadelphia, PA)
3rd place:            Fahrenheit225 Barbeque (North Wales, PA)
4th place:            The Grill Gurus (Upper Darby, PA)
Honorable mentions:     Big Belly BeerBQue (Clementon, NJ ) & Taine’s BBQ Crew (Philadelphia, PA)

People’s Choice Awards

1st place:            Baby Blues BBQ (Philadelphia, PA), serving slow-smoked pulled pork and beef brisket sliders topped with homemade cole slaw, and Memphis-style dry rubbed spare ribs
Runners up:       Rubb (Philadelphia, PA), serving beef brisket and pulled pork sliders & The Culinary Arts program at A. Philip Randolph Career and Technical High School (Philadelphia, PA), serving hickory-smoked St. Louis style spare ribs with fire-roasted peach barbecue sauce

Grand Champion (trip for two to the 2014 World Series)
The Grill Gurus (Upper Darby, PA)

All proceeds from the Barbecue Challenge benefit Compete 360, a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Garry Maddox to support the education and development of urban youth.  The outstanding group of Philadelphia-area restaurants that generously fired up the grills on Saturday to raise funds for Garry’s charity, included:  Baby Blues BBQ, Bomb Bomb BBQ Grill, Bull’s BBQ, Butcher and Singer, Carolina Blue, Continental Mid-town, Continental Restaurant + Martini Bar, El Camino Real, El Rey, El Vez, Famous Dave’s, Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia, McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, Parc, Pod, Rubb, Taqueria Feliz, Village Whiskey, and XFINITY Live! Philadelphia.

The day’s event closed out with a special surprise for the students from the culinary arts program at A. Philip Randolph Career and Technical High School as Danielle DelRe from STARR Restaurants announced that Stephen Starr would offer the students one-week internships in his restaurants.

The Barbecue Challenge could not take place without the generous support and participation of the following sponsors:  Hatfield Quality Meats, STARR Restaurants, Phillies Charities, Inc., Aramark, Turkey Hill Dairy, SportsRadio 94WIP, KYW Newsradio 1060, 98.1 WOGL, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, and CBS Sports Radio 610 AM.